The Discovery Youth Challenge Program has partnered with the San Joaquin County Office of Education (SJCOE) to provide educational services to the cadets enrolled. Students attend school Monday through Friday except for holidays and rotate among 5 classes: English, Social Science, Science, Mathematics and CORE.

If a student successfully completes all classes during the 22 weeks residential phase of the program, they will earn 65 credits. Students also attend a variety of presentations and field trips as cooperatively arranged through the National Guard. Additional credits may be earned through extracurricular activities as pre-approved by the site administrator.

Students have many opportunities to participate in activities such as being on the ASB, student council, yearbook committee, serving as a Library Assistant or participating in job shadowing.

At Discovery, we encourage students to step out of their ‘comfort zone’ and try things they may have previously resisted. We are committed to assisting students who have previously experienced school failure develop a belief in themselves and their capabilities while learning to embrace their own potential.

All teachers at DCA are highly qualified in their subject area and SJCOE is a WASC accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

The academy has a Special Education program, designed to meet the needs of students who have identified learning disabilities. A special education teacher and instructional assistant assist all students functioning significantly below grade level. During an IEP meeting, parents, students and education staff evaluate goals and objectives and determine the necessary support and modifications. Another assistance is provided via books on tape, extra time on assignments and tests, and tutoring.